Photographer Masafumi Shirakami

While sleeping on the ground of the citizen's stadium when I was young, I still remember clearly the dreamlike time I had in the light sea.

It is remembered that it was the first and the last to be visited by my parents. However, every year, every summer comes, I was fascinated and looked into binoculars from the veranda to the small sparkling sparkling sea.

And when did it start? With the camera and the tripod, I started to go on a trip around various light seas.

At first, I was fascinated and released, but someday I started to remember something different.

Of the many photographic representations, there is nothing more exciting than the act of condensing time by super-second exposure.

Those that are stationary just exist quietly, and the moving body transforms its form violently. A block of iron softly distorts like melted wax, and an unobtainable light clearly records its trajectory as evidenced by the presence of a moment.

The act of applying an artificial blur between exposures makes the stationary body relatively moving, and when a dimensional restraint type blur is applied to the moving body, it embodies as a complex transformation that transcends human perception.

Sometimes it becomes a congested and thickened like ancient conifers, superimposing the heartbeat of amniotic fluid with the synapses of the hippocampus, and like a meteoroid wandering the light sea, it becomes a water floating in the deep sea.

Endlessly by the interweaving of the macroscopic, also Desa spun without microscopic and, come quietly asked about the workings of life to those seen unawares.