Photo 3D

A photograph is an act of two-dimensionally planarizing an object present in the four-dimensional space-time constituting the real world, and similarly, a moving image is an act of three-dimensional space-time transforming the four-dimensional space-time. In either case, it can be said that this method is an expression method in which the subject of free space-time representation is reduced and fixed in the medium while being constrained by the dimensions unique to the recording medium.

Photographs and videos are differentiated only by the time dimension handling method, and in videos, time dimensions are sampled and recorded at regular intervals, but in photographs, time dimension samples with extremely high degree of freedom according to the intention of the artist It is possible to In particular, hypertime exposure in photography is an act of condensing the time dimension represented as a continuum of two-dimensional planes in a moving image into a unique plane, and can be said to be a means unique to photography.

In a process in which time dimensions are condensed and disappear and two-dimensional planarization is performed by hyper-time exposure, an attempt is made to virtually add the rendering entity by intentionally sweeping. In other words, the subject that is two-dimensionally planarized from four-dimensional space-time by the act of photographing is three-dimensionally rendered. It can be said that it is the formation of a photographic solid embodied only by the act of photography.

Certainly, the existing two-dimensional luminous body sublimes to a photographic solid by the act of applying a sweep at the time of photography, and now it is visible as a photograph in front of it. "It was there once", but at the same time it can be said that "it was not there". When you look at these added dimensional figures, you can not feel that the realism and recordability of the photos appeal to you deeply.